Is Your Nest Thermostat Acting Up?

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Is your Nest thermostat acting up?

A software glitch in the Nest smart thermostats is leaving some homeowners in freezing homes this winter.

I happen to have a Nest thermostat in my home and had this happen to me.  In December, the Nest thermostats automatically updated their software.  However, there was a glitch, and it is throwing off the thermostats temperature settings, draining batteries, and turning off the smart sensor technology.  All of which started happening with my Nest. 

Since December, my house will not regulate temperature.  One floor is freezing while another is a sauna.  The temperature fluctuates constantly, and when I try and adjust the heat, it always turns back down on its own.  Numerous other owners have taken to the Nest forums complaining about the issues.  

"Woke up to a dead Nest and a very cold house.  Not good when you have a baby sleeping," said one user.

"My furnace kicked on at about 5am.  When I woke up, the house was already at evening temperature.  The thermostat did not turn on when I approached it.  I had to rotate the ring.  When I did, I could see it was at a temp that is typically set at 5pm," another user said.

Nest has acknowledged the problem, and said that it is a software glitch in version 5.2.3.  It causes devises to become unresponsive or incapable of operating efficiently.  It also causes the device to turn off.

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