Interesting Find During East Bay Construction Project

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Fremont, CA -- A construction project at the Calaveras Reservoir discovered over 500 fossils, dating back twenty million years, including a fossilized whale skeleton.

"In the ground it looks like everything else.  I'm walking down a slope and my paleontologist says, 'Oh, you're just stepping on it, oh, right!?'" said San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokeswoman Betsy Rhodes.  "Cause they look like everything else; you have to be really trained."

Paleontologists were required to work alongside construction workers.  At first, only a few seashells found too far from the ocean were found, but now they have found over 500 fossils.  

"Scallops about the size of dinner plates, sea shells, snails, clams, mussles," said Rhodes.

According to ABC 7, "This is all happening in the midst of a huge construction project, but it's not slowing it down.  By it's very design, the project puts paleontologists right alongside building contractors.  State law requires it that way."

However, they did not expect to find so many fossils during this project.  "We did not expect to find this many, and when we started uncovering them, we doubled our [paleontologist] staff," said Rhodes.

When the project is over, everyone involved in the project is hoping to find a museum to display the fossils.

 Paleontologists remove fossils near the Calaveras Dam Replacement Project Site.  An amazing treasure trove of fossils millions of years old are being discovered in Fremont. <span class=meta>Courtesy of San Francisco Public Utilities Commission</span>