Interesting Architecture from Around the World

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We, at the Moran Group, love to read about the weird and unusual. Today, I'm bringing you weird and unusual architecture. Isn't their something beautiful about something that is so uniquely you? 

1)  This one looks like it might have been a safety challenge to build.

Image Credit: 

 Unusual Architecture | F.E. Moran 

2)  This apartment complex looks like it was built out of unused playground equipment - or maybe a giant hampster toy?

Image Credit:  Tree Hugger 

Tree Hugger | F.E. Moran 

3)   I don't know if I should really count this one.  It WAS a house, but it was turned into an art piece by adding a new front to a destroyed building.

Image Credit:  Dezeen 

Dezeen | F.E. Moran