IMC 60,000 SF expansion complete; F.E. Moran proud to be part of the project

F.E. Moran is excited to have been the HVAC contractor on the IMC 60,000 square foot expansion and renovation in Chicago.

IMC construction project at Willis Tower.jpg

IMC is a tech-driven trading firm.  They use cutting-edge technology that drives trading strategies.  They have offices in Amsterdam, Sydney, and Chicago. Chicago is where they recently renovated the space to reflect their forward-thinking culture. 

IMC added informal meeting space and a training area. 

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IMC took up residence in the Sears Tower (we're in Chicago.  It will ALWAYS be the Sears Tower).  The architecture firm, SCB, leaned into the environment by exposing the beams and trusses, making them a design feature.  A staircase was added between floors, to more easily interact with co-workers.

SCB used hospitality-style furniture that evokes conversation and interaction with warm woods, beautiful lighting, and muted colors.

F.E. Moran installed the HVAC system.  In an exposed-style building, our craftsmanship is put on display.  We take true pride in seeing our exposed ducts in the iconic buildings we get the honor of working in.  

SCB completed a full profile on the IMC project.  You can view it here.


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