Hundreds of Students Attend Construction Career Day

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500 Students Attend Construction Career Fair | F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems

Hundreds of students gathered for a construction career day this week.  They were given the opportunity to learn more about the field and get some hands-on training.  The great turn out was very welcome, considering the shortage of construction workers.

Students from 19 different schools went to the fair to learn more about the construction field.

Companies from all areas of construction came to tell students about careers in their sector.  Students were given the opportunity to operate heavy equipment and get some hands-on experience.  

"We don't have any kids coming into the ranks of the construction labor pool.  It is great to have seasoned veterans to teach these kids, so we want to get them into the construction companies or vending supplies so folks can train them," said Matt McManus, chairman of the steering committee.

Students were invited at no cost to the school or student.  They were brought to the Highway Department Facility and given blue hardhats and glasses.

Melinda Russell, community outreach specialist, said the event was intended to show students the vast array of construction careers available.  Read the original story here. 

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