Hundreds of Skeletons Found at London Construction Site

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constructionAn excavation team working on the Crossrail construction project, a train line stretching west to east, has found hundreds of skeletons from a plague burial site.

The train line is going over the Bedlam burial ground, which was the final resting spot for thousands of Londoners killed in the Black Plague.

"Where we're going to excavate the last remaining part of that burial ground...we think we're going to find another 3,000 [skelatons] or so," said Jay Carver, who works with the Crossrail.

Because London is so old and had so many plagues (about one every twenty years years between the 14th and 17th centuries), it is nearly impossible to excavate and not find a burial ground or another part of history.

Last year, a Charterhouse Square excavation dug up bodies from the 14th century, Black Death pandemic.  Archeologists are expecting an upcoming excavation to unveil a Roman suburb, dating back to the city's earliest days.

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