How to Fix Weak Water Pressure in the Shower

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As a homeowner of a very old home AND a landlord, I have had to remedy my fair share of weak water pressure problems.

My house was built by the person who lived in it. For that reason alone, it's fairly unique, but, on top of that, additions were built onto the house, complicating the plumbing. Instead of a straight, up and down plumbing system, there is a bit of zig zagging that causes the water pressure to be less than ideal on the top floor.

However, there are ways, without re-plumbing the house, to make the water pressure better. Here are a few tried and true ways to improve water pressure in the shower (the place it matters most!).

• Option 1: De-scale your shower head screen
o Unscrew your showerhead
o Unscrew the spray plate
o Immerse it in descaling solution
o Rinse spray plate and replace
o Test water pressure

• Option 2: Remove the washer that constricts water flow
o Buy a cheap showerhead
o Look inside the showerhead to find a washer
o Take a drill and enlarge the hole
o Install showerhead
o Test water pressure

• Option 3: Install a water pressure booster pump
o Buy a water booster system (generally, they cost $300-400)
o Call a plumber
o Enjoy a boost in water pressure