How to Destroy Your Plumbing in 5 Steps

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Homeowners don't realize just how precious their plumbing is until it stops working. Just this past winter, I was watching a movie and suddenly saw drips coming from the ceiling. An hour later, about 4 square feet of ceiling was pulled down and on my carpet. My husband had opened the radiator too much upstairs and caused a leak. It could have been worse, but it didn't have to happen. It was just us, being careless. Carelessness is the key. That is what causes a lot of common plumbing issues. Check out five more careless acts that can cause major plumbing issues.


How to Destroy Your Plumbing in 5 Steps | F.E. Moran



1. Leaving the hose connected during the winter - Leaving the hose connected to the outdoor faucet all year can cause the faucet, and even the water supply pipe, to freeze. Yikes. That's quite an expense.

2. Putting everything in your garbage disposal - As it turns out, garbage disposals aren't a cure all for your food-related waste. Potato, vegetable, and fibrous food peels as well as flour and rice can gunk up the disposal and clog your drain.

3. Using the toilet as a disposal receptacle - It's just so convenient, isn't it? However, flushing un-flushable items can stop-up the main drain in your house, ultimately halting all plumbing.

4. Using chemicals in your drains - Using chemicals in your drains can cause two problems: 1) it can ruin your pipes and eat them away. 2) By using bleach and other anti-bacterial chemicals in your drain, you are stopping the helpful microbes that eat away your sewage in your septic system. Oops.

5.Tackling plumbing repairs solo - Plumbing is complex. By trying to tackle blocked drains, leaking pipes, or water heater pressure without a pro, you're asking for trouble. Always hire a licensed plumber for important plumbing repairs.



Keep your plumbing working correctly by avoiding these 5 steps to destroy your plumbing.  Learn more about residential plumbing – visit our page.