How Schools Can Save on Utility Bills

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How Schools Can Save on Utility Bills

Schools are dealing with an ever-increasing budget squeeze.  They are always looking for places to cut costs, so they can allocate more funds to the students.  Well, did you know that a few small adjustments to HVAC usage could save your school thousands in utility bills? 

In the U.S., colleges spend about $55,000 on electricity and $9,000 on natural gas annually.  What if you could save about $16,000 a year by getting this one service?  Or, an extra $6,000+ on utilities by changing the way you use your utilities?  Would you do it? 

What is this one service?  Commissioning. 

HVAC mechanical service companies can commission your HVAC system to make sure that it is working as efficiently as possible.   The building can be commissioned, re-comissioned, or retro-commissioned to ensure that the system is as efficient as possible.  They do this by testing, analyzing, and adjusting the school HVAC systems.

How do I change the way I use utilities?  Building Automation. 

Building Automation allows school maintenance personnel to automatically adjust temperatures, lock and unlock doors, turn on and off lights, and more. It can also make for a healthier environment by tracking carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, ensuring proper indoor air quality. 

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