How Building Automation Can Cut Payroll Costs

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How Building Automation Can Cut Payroll Costs

While building automation is best known for reducing utility costs, did you know building automation can also reduce payroll costs?

It's.  True.

You don't need to have property managers everywhere at all times.  While, in the past, you needed someone managing the building to make sure lights were on, HVAC was correctly controlled, and visitors and employees could get in and out of the building, now you don't need someone physically at the building. 

The hidden beauty of building automation is that the building can be controlled from anywhere 24/7.  If there are meetings taking place off-hours (even if these meetings are taking place in multiple buildings), one person can control the lights, temperature, and access from the comfort of a single control panel or cloud-based dashboard, depending on the type of automation.

Think of the money savings.  Five building, ten meetings, after-hours with one employee controlling it all. 

Learn more about the benefits of building automation here. 

One of our favorite building automation options is Computrols.  They have a lifetime warranty, integrate with almost anything, and control HVAC, fire protection, access, metering, and lighting.  You don't only control your utility usage automatically..  You can do it smartly by tracking your usage and changing habits.  F.E. Moran Mechanical Services makes it a priority to right-size equipment to make HVAC as efficient as possible, but with Computrols as a partner, property managers can continue to monitor their usage and adjust their habits, saving even more throughout the lifetime of the system.

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