Holiday Plumbing Disasters and How to Avoid Them

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Holiday Plumbing Disasters and How to Avoid Them | F.E. Moran

Plumbing issues run rampant during the holidays.  There are more people coming over, more cooking taking place, and it takes a toll on plumbing.  Here are the top three common plumbing mistakes and how to avoid them.

1)  Your toilet flapper is worn, causing the toilet to run.

More houseguests mean more wear and tear on the toilet.  It is safe to say, each year, before the holidays, replace your toilet's flapper.  With a worn flapper, the toilet will continuously fill up, making your water bill surge.  Avoid this by replacing the flapper ahead of time. 

2)  The holidays mean COLD weather - which can cause frozen pipes.   

Add insulation around pipes and, if you're going out of town, keep your heat on to prevent frozen pipes.

3)  Your dishwasher isn't cleaning like it used to...

To fix (or prevent) this problem, check your drain trap for food clogging it and clean the screen.  Also, make sure the spinning arm is free from obstructions. 

What holiday time plumbing issues do you find the most irritating? 


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