Hire an expert for home plumbing

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All you men and women out there are handy. Right? I mean, you have a set of tools in the basement. You can tackle a small leak in a pipe, no problem! Right? Just grab a wrench and go to it.

That small leak turns into a puddle, and next thing you know the "handyman" has a minor disaster on their hands. Or the old' mistake of taking something apart without having an idea how to put it back together properly.

Even a job that seems simple like changing the shower faucet can end up as a disaster.

Well, professional plumbers could probably make a lot more money if they had a dime for each time a "handyman" called them because they were in over their heads.

There's a reason plumbers are licensed - not anyone who picks up a wrench has the skills and knowledge to be one.

Well, whether you have a small project, or need to install something substantial like a water filtration system or well pump, Manax Plumbing & Heating not only has the products you need, but the professional know-how to install them.

And there's much more to it than just knowing your way around a wrench - professional plumbers obtain the needed permits for projects, even some small ones that homeowners might not think they need.

The downside of not getting a permit is that you could end up paying a fine to the municipality or something worse like having the project "undone" at your expense. Permits aren't just a source of revenue for a government; they ensure that the job is done properly and up to code, which many renovations and plumbing upgrades are not.

Don't take unnecessary chances!

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