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In the construction industry, nearly everyone in any role has the opportunity to be a leader - whether you're a manager or not.  By thinking like a CEO, you, too, can learn to be a leader in your role.

1)  You don't need to be a manager to be a leader.  You need to have great ideas and the ability to create strong personal relationships to be a leader.  Think of it this way, do you push people to complete their work or do you pull them to do their work?  Are they inspired to get their work done well because you motivated them?  Do you go with the flow or do you try and innovate and inspire the workers around you?  That is the difference between an employee and a leader.

2)   Look at the big picture.  Are the results you (and your company) desire being met?  If not, create a new system and figure out how these results can be met in the future.  What changes can you make to meet the results needed?  Don't focus on the details and what went wrong when trying to meet goals that were unmet.  Acknowledge what went wrong and find a solution.

3)   Inspire your co-workers to take action.  Have you ever noticed that when a new policy is implemented and not explained, it doesn't go over well?  The big WHY question is on every employee's lips.  That's because, to insire action, you need to get your co-workers or employees on board and invested in the plan.  Explain the why behind a change and get people personally invested in the results.

The best leaders don't seek credit.  They seek action.  They don't seek to make people work harder.  They seek to make people WANT to work better because they understand WHY they're doing what they're doing.  The ability to inspire action in those around you is the very essence of leadership.  No matter what role you're in, you can be a leader.  Being a leader in your role will lead you to getting noticed for higher level roles.


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