Helicopter Lifts in Construction + Bonus Video

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helicopter lifts in construction

In Chicago, helicopter lifts for construction materials are necessary.  Tall buildings with endless new construction being added means cranes just won't do the trick for every project.  And, that is when the helicopter comes into the picture.

Here are our top five reasons crane lifts rock.

1)  Less Set-up - Traditional cranes equal costly set-up and tear down.  With helicopters, you avoid a lot of the ground issues that happen when planning crane lifts.

2)  Works in Most Environments - Soft ground, steep mountains, or environmentally protected areas may not allow cranes, but helicopters won't effect its surroundings.  In fact, they can access nearly every area.  They may even be the only option.

3)   Faster - Helicopters can lift equipment much quicker than a crane.  

4)   More precise - Because the helicopter operator can get an aerial view of the building, they can more accurately place the equipment.

5)  Less expensive - Many times, a helicopter lift is much less expensive than a crane.  It is quicker, less planning is involved, and the helicopter company will do most of the work for you.

See the video we took of our helicopter lift on Dearborn in Chicago. 

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