Google Spent $500 Million on Construction in Last 10 Years

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construction newsGoogle has spent more on construction than all local homeowners combined!  Google has spent $500 million on both residential construction and corporate remodeling in the ten year period between 2004 and 2014.

Sidenote:  20,000 of Google's 53,600 employees work in Mountain View, CA.  However, there is not a lot of housing in Mountain View.  The local government prefers corporate development over residential.  The city is expected to grow by 42,000 jobs, but only 8,000 new households.  Fortunate for local employees, pro-housing representatives have recently been elected and are improving the housing development.

Google has bought or leased 75 properties within the city.  Check out their list below.

$51 million on modifications to their headquarters

$17.7 million modifying the Masa Café at the Googleplex

$15.1 million modifying the Google Store

The big tech companies are ruling the construction industry in California.  Apple has spent $5 billion on its headquarters and Salesforce has spent $690 million on their new San Francisco tower.