Global Construction Survey Says Technology Use Would Improve Industry

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Global Construction Survey

According to Global Construction's survey, the construction industry would benefit from taking advantage of available technology.

The survey participants were 218 senior executives: 119 from major project owners and 99 from engineering and construction companies.  Participants were from both private companies and government agencies.

The survey showed that one item was a defining aspect of every survey answer.  The construction industry is not taking full advantage of technology available to them.  The survey showed that

1)  The industry is not fully embracing technology, despite more complex projects.

2)  Construction industry staff feel they don't have the skill-set to fully use the platforms and tools available to them.

3)  Many construction companies are still using manual processes.  Only 20% take advantage of a fully integrated project management information systems (PMIS).

4)  Mobile technology has it's place in construction, yet it's not being taken advantage of (see our article on the best construction apps here). 

What common theme do you see?  The construction industry needs to adapt to new technology.  It saves times, money, and hassle.

Read the full report here. 


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