Getting Your Boiler Ready for Winter

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1903 boilerIt's coming to that time of year when homeowners are turning their boilers back on for the winter. Before you flip the switch, perform this boiler check list to make sure your boiler is ready for a winter of hard work.

• If you lowered your boiler flame for the summer, change the setting back to high.
• Make sure all valves are open.
• Test your sump pump by pouring water into it.
• Calibrate all operating controls.
• Check steam vents.
• Clean tubes, fuel oil strainers, and steam traps.
• Check all gauges and switches to make sure they're working properly.
• Check for leaks or dirt around the boiler; they could indicate a problem.
• Inspect the thermostat for proper operation.
• Oil motors, if necessary.
• Look for cracks in the heat exchanger. If there are cracks, they can introduce carbon monoxide into the home.

Do you have any tips for preparing your heating system for the winter?


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