GC Found Guilty in Fatal Trench Collapse - is this the beginning of a trend?

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GC guilty construction accident

Manhattan, NY -- The GC, Harco Construction, was found guilty in a trench (that a sub-contractor built) collapse.  Is this the beginning of a trend? 

Carlos Moncayo, 22, worked for sub-contractor Sky Materials.  He died when a fourteen foot trench collapsed, burying him alive.  The incident happened on April 6, 2015 at the construction site for a Restoration Hardware.  The trench was unshored.

Prosecutors said that the GC and Sub-contractor were responsible because they ignored inspector warnings.  However, lawyers for Harco believe that Sky was responsible because as the GC, Harco was not responsible for the sub-contractor's work.  

Harco Construction was found guilty for manslaughter.  Sky Materials will be on trial for manslaughter soon as well. 

Do you think GC's should be held criminally responsible when a job-site accident happens?

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