Fluor Opens Construction Job Training Center in Pasadena

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Fluor Opens Construction Job Training Center in Pasadena | F.E. Moran

Pasadena, CA -- Fluor Corp designs, builds, and maintains power plants, refineries, and highways all over the world.  However, the company is facing the same challenge that many construction companies are facing:  a lack of skilled labor.  They decided to do something about it.

Most of the industry is not investing in training new employees and building the workforce back up following a large amount of workers leaving the industry after the financial collapse or retiring.  Fluor, however, decided to build a tuition-free training center in Pasadena to train enough employees to work on their large projects. 

The training is certified by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER).

"Pipefitters, combination pipe welders, electrical and instrumentation, crane operators, all the heavy industrial crafts that are needed to either build a large facility and/or modernization of an existing facility that's going to have significant capital improvements," said Jim Hanna of Fluor.

The industry is not seeing a staffing change in sight, and Hanna believes this will be a long-term staffing challenge.

"We saw wage rates for pipe fitters and pipe welders in the Gulf Coast in some cases increase from six to eight percent.  We still see the scarcity of qualified resources.  So, there's a demand.  Therefore, rates continue to go up," said Hanna.

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