FL Neighbors Near Construction Sites Worry as Hurricane Matthew Approaches

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FL neighbors concerned over unsecured construction material

Miami, FL -- Throughout the Hurricane Matthew evacuation area, construction sites are at various stages of completion.  Neighbors are concerned that the construction materials will become a safety concern.

"There's steel rods, balcony railings, a bunch of things that could be projectiles very easily," said Elizabeth Schwartz, who lives next to a construction site.  "It looks really dangerous.  I'm afraid for our home, for our safety, for our neighbors."

The mayor's office in Miami has received numerous calls about construction sites.  City building inspectors have been going out and making sure owners are securing their property at the construction sites.

"Because we've been on alert for so many days, hopefully the very hazardous situations have been taken care of," said Miami Spokesperson Pat Santengelo.

In one neighborhood where hurricane winds are expected to come through by 3pm, there is an under construction townhouse neighborhood.  "The company left unsecured piles of shingles on top of the roof.  The entire neighborhood is like, 'What's going on?'  These shingles are going to go flying into our cars, into our homes," said neighbor Joan St. Fleur.

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