Five Time Management Tips That Will Change Your Way of Thinking

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5 Time Management Tips for Construction Pros | The Moran Group (source:

Living Well, Spending Less wrote a blog post recently that made me think.  She told a story about a jar of rocks...

A professor held up a jar full of rocks and asked his class, "Is this jar full?"  They said yes.  He took out a bag of pebbles and filled the jar even more.  He then asked the class, "Is this jar full?"  They said yes.  Then he took out a bag of sand and filled the jar more.  The point is, when you feel your day is full of tasks:  managing foremen, ordering materials, dealing with invoices and payroll, etc, etc, etc - there are always those little 5 minutes of free time in your day that can help you accomplish more.  Living Well, Spending Less wrote a post about five things that you can do to use those 5 minutes here and there to your advantage.

1.  List your priorities - Take 10 minutes to write down your priorities for the quarter (or the project you're working on or anything else that applies to you).

2.  Set specific goals - For my role, I set monthly goals.  This makes it easy for me to track my progress.  You should set five major goals that have to do with your priorities.  These goals should by quantifiable and have deadlines.  From here, write down short term goals that can help you accomplish your goals.  

3.  Do the important things first - You might not be able to escape checking your work email first thing in the morning, but after that, keep your mornings to your priority, long-term projects.  Your productivity will sky rocket!

4.   Reset your habits - It takes 21 days to form a habit.  Once a habit is formed, you can perform this task without much effort.  It is what you do.  Write down some habits you want to get into.  For the next 21 days, complete those things everyday.  Soon, you will be doing these habits on autopilot.

5.  Cut what isn't important -  Aim to cut away 3-5 things from your life that are unneccessary and don't help you meet your goals or priorities.


What do you do to keep your to do items front of mind? 


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