Five Favorite Home Articles from Around the Web

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Here are five of our favorite articles from around the web.  Want to save on utilities?  Learn plumbing tricks?  Figure out how to stay cool during the hot summer?  You might enjoy our favorite five.


1)  Check out these marble alternatives from Studio McGee.  Click here to read.

Alternatives to marble that look like marble! (Marble is beautiful but a PAIN in the you know what)

2)  Learn the best way to organize your linen or cleaning closet on

15 Linen Closet Organizing Hacks

3)  24 Tricks to sleep in the heat by - click here to read.

24 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC)

4)  19 Plumbing Tips & Tricks - can't we all use this?

19 Plumbing Tips & Tricks!

5)  10 Simple Ways to Save on Utilities by Penny Pinchin Mom - click here to read.

Ten Simple Ways To Save Money On Utilities  #save money #budget