Favorite Construction Links from Around the Web - Sept., Week 3

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construction resourcesBelow is a list of our favorite construction resources from around the web, Week 3 of September edition.

1.   Notevault - this is an awesome resource that we have been using for some time.  It is perfect for creating meticulous notes throughout the day easily.  No one wants to write down notes all day long.  This app lets construction personnel call and record their notes throughout the day.  Someone from Notevault transcribes it for you.  F.E. Moran Special Hazard Systems uses this app and loves it.

2.   Protecting Temporary Workers - We posted this link earlier in the week because the construction industry has seen many injuries and deaths of temporary workers lately.  They just aren't getting the training they need before starting on the job.  See OSHA's tips to protect temporary workers here.

3. News from Crain's:  Why Chicago's Construction Industry is Looking Up -   What better resource to get your business information from than Crain's?  This is an article from earlier in the year, but we found it interesting how they predicted construction spending to go up in Chicago.