Favorite Construction Links from Around the Web - October, Week 2

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construction links



Check out our favorite construction links for this week on F.E. Moran's blog.  This week's links are all about making on the job calculations easy.


1.   Pipe Trades Pro Calculator - this app is great for pipefitters, sprinklerfitters, and other construction personnel that need to make precise measurements. 

2.   Piping Abacus Database of Pipe Fitting - this app is designed for designers and pipefitters.  It is a reference book WITH a built in calculator.  With 88 reviewers, it got 4.8/5 - not too shabby.  

3.   Piping Database- Xtreme - this app is most popular with designers.  It was drawn with CAD software.  This app provides reference material for piping layout, isometric drawings, shop drawings, field drawings, detailing, and material take-off.


Do you have any apps or resources that you use for making calculations easier?  Tell us about them!