Father/Son Construction Site Thief Team

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construction site theftA father/son team have been charged with construction site thefts.

Christopher Zangl, 32, and Ken Zangl, 54, are being charged with two counts of felony theft, two counts of misdemeaner theft, and one count of retail theft.  A third man might be facing charges as well.

The complaint shows that 60 aluminum concrete forms valued at $15,450 were stolen from a construction site.  The forms were later found at American Implement, where the owner said he purchased them from Ken Zangl on Dec 1.

The men were identified by video footage at A&W Iron and Metal.  Three men unloaded the stolen materials, but the scrap yard would not accept the forms.  They then re-loaded the trucks and brought them to American Implement where they were able to sell it.

While Ken Zangl denies all charges, the younger Zangl admitted to his portion of the crime and said his father drove the truck and sold the stolen materials.  The third man is said to be the ring leader.