Father-Daughter Construction Duo Accused of Stealing $700k

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Father, Daughter Construction Duo | F.E. Moran

A father-daughter construction duo is in court after being accused of failing to pay subcontractors and pocketing $700,000.

Anthony Rotondaro, 59, and daughter, Jamie, 32, were accused of failing to pay companies for six projects.  Both Anthony and Jamie are facing multiple counts of grand larceny.

The accusation is that they "were using about $20,000 to $25,000 a month for personal expenses from the company and in that 10-month period of time an additional $450,000 was removed as cash," said Assistant District Attorney Christopher Beard.  "As to where that cash went...nobody of course could answer that question, but the folks who took cash from the accounts."

The duo were each assigned court-appointed attorneys.  Their companies, Reniss Contracting and Janic Construction, were also named in the indictment.

The defending lawyers say the allegations are ridiculous.  "A concern here is whether this is actually criminal behavior as opposed to a breach of contract between a subcontractor and a contractor," said Lori Cohen, Anthony's attorney.

Jamie's lawyer, Leslie Jones Thomas, said, "[It is] sort of ironic that the people are alleging she's stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars, yet she's in a situation where she couldn't pay her [car] registration."

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