Father and 7 Children Dead from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, Trying to Heat Home

carbon monoxide poisoningPrincess Anne, MD -- A father and his seven children were found dead.  An outstanding electrical bill cut off their electricity, so the man purchased a generator to warm the house.  The generator had a carbon monoxide leak, and killed the family.

The father, 36 year old Rodney Todd, was a single father, taking care of his seven children.  He worked a  low-paying job at the University of Maryland, and could not always afford everything he needed to to care for his children on his own.

The electricity bill was outstanding and shut off, so he purchased a generator to warm his single-story home.  Todd's stepfather Lloyd Edwards said, "To keep his seven children warm, [Todd] bought a generator.  The carbon monoxide consumed them."  Authorities are not confirming this yet.

Police Chief Scott Keller told the Associated Press that a generator that was out of gas was found in the kitchen with the bodies.

Police went to the home after receiving a phone call from Todd's supervisor.  He was a utility worker at the University of Maryland.  His supervisor, Stephanie Wells hadn't seen him since March 28.  This wasn't normal for him, so she went to his house and no one answered.  She then filed a missing person's report.  Police then visited the home and found the family.

Along with Rodney Todd, his seven children, Cameron, 13; Zycheim, 7; Tynijuiza, 15; Tykra, 12; Tybree, 10; Tyania, 10; and Tybria, 6 were also found dead in the home.