Family Sues Following Construction Worker Death

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Family Sues Following Construction Worker Death | F.E. Moran

Houston, TX -- The family of a construction worker who was killed during the renovation of Texas A&M's Kyle Field is suing four companies for a wrongful death.

In December 2013, Angel Garcia of Dallas was working with a demo crew on a Catepillar loader.  His loader was holding 3,000 pounds of concrete and tumbled four stories to the ground.

"He was in a piece of equipment that was overloaded," said attorney Jason Gibson.

The family is asking for $100 million in damages.  "We're not doing this because of the money or anything like that.  We just want the companies to learn to be more careful and take care of their workers," said Angel's brother, Marcos Garcia.

In May 2014, OSHA charged Lindamood Demolition (Garcia's employer) and Texas Cutting and Coring (another company on the project) with several violations.  They received $130,000 in violations.

"There's no evidence that he was trained properly," Gibson said.

The company attorneys say that it was an operator error.

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