Falls are the #1 cause of death at a construction site

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Falls are the number one cause of death on a construction site. In September, a Hawaiian construction worker was killed from falling from 50 feet off the ground while working on the roof of a building. The construction company this worker was employed by was fined $63,250 for not providing guardrails, nets, or personal fall arrest systems. These protective equipment items should always be used when working in elevated areas.

This incident, among the other 150-200 people each year, on average, killed by falling at a construction site, is a reminder of the importance in always following safety procedures.

Here are some tips to follow to avoid an injury, or worse, by falling.

• Make sure fall restraint devices are set up near hazards, such as guard rails or safety net systems.
• Safety arrest equipment must have an anchorage point that can support 5,000 pounds.
• Safety arrest equipment needs to connect to a lanyard placed in line with the spine to distribute shock of the fall between shoulders and hip.
• Have a properly fitted full body harness.

By following these fall safety protocols, you will keep yourself and your co-workers safe from harm. The Moran Group's goal is to always send their employees home safe to their families each night.