F.E. Moran's Favorite Life Hacks for your Home

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hvac and plumbing contractorF.E. Moran has compiled their favorite life hacks for your home.

Special thank you to lifehack.org for compiling these amazing tips.

Winterizing your home with amazing Life Hacks!

1.  Keep the cold out of window and door gaps - Set a candle down near windows and doors on a windy day while they are shut.  If the flame flickers, your have an air leak.  Caulk the gaps, or, an easy life hack is to place bubble wrap between the screen and window to keep the air out.

2.   Out of salt to remove ice? - Use one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and one tablespoon of rubbing alcohol, mix with a half gallon of hot water.  Pour over your sidewalk and it will melt the ice.  

3.   Install a programmable thermostat to save money - Programmable thermostats will adjust seasonally and for the time of day.  It will save you money over time in natural gas savings.