F.E. Moran Wins HVAC Bid for Will County Sheriff Building

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HVAC for Will County Sherff

Joliet, IL -- F.E. Moran is excited to have won the HVAC bid for the Will County Sheriff Building.

Will County has been eagerly awaiting their new Sheriff's building.  "Someone pinch me.  I think I'm dreaming," said Sheriff Mike Kelley.  "It's been a long time coming."

The original Sheriff's building was small and had plumbing problems so bad that employees used the bathroom at the gas station across the street.  The original building was built in 1973, and by 1988, the Sheriff was working to get an upgraded building.  Currently, employees are spread between 6 different sites because the building is too small to hold everyone.

The new building will have the Sheriff's department and 911 dispatch center.

The building broke ground Wednesday, October 5.  F.E. Moran is thrilled to have won the bid for this project.  They will be providing mechanical systems and temperature controls.  They are set to begin their portion of the project spring of 2017.  

Image Credit:  Chicago Tribune (John Langham/Daily Southtown) 

Contributor:  Charlotte Flesher, VP of F.E. Moran 



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