F.E. Moran Receives American Subcontractors Safety Award for 2016

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F.E. Moran wins safety award

Northbrook, IL - F.E. Moran received notification of their selection as the One Year Bronze Award on March 20 and received their award on April 19. The One Year Bronze Award is for successfully "lowering a combination of safety-related factors including [the] Experience Modification Rate (EMR), OSHA Recordables and Citations, and the DART Score."

Jason Galoozis, Safety Director said, "The success of our company depends on the safety and well-being of each individual and their families. It is an organizational responsibility to create awareness so employees understand the importance of this responsibility to safety."

For the past ten years, F.E. Moran has committed time, energy, and resources to improve health and safety performance. They went from an EMR of .79 to .56. Through their safety meetings, weekly toolbox talks, extensive new employee safety training, and personal protective equipment, F.E. Moran has greatly improved their safety.

The American Subcontractors Association of Chicago (ASA) is an independent, nonprofit trade association that represents the subcontracting association. They serve union and non-union subcontractors, trade suppliers, and servicers, reaching 300 Chicago area members.

Charlotte Flesher, VP of F.E. Moran said, "Safety is the number one job that we have at F.E. Moran.  At F.E. Moran our safety efforts start at the day that our employees are hired, and continues with scheduled training events.  F.E. Moran is a family-oriented company and we strive to make sure that all of our employees have a safe environment so that they can spend time after work with their families every day."

For the past five decades, F.E. Moran has been providing mechanical services in Northern Illinois.  They are a full-service mechanical contractor, providing heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to commercial, education, healthcare, industrial/mechanical, retail, and residential facilities.  F.E. Moran ensures seamless integration of HVAC systems in both new and tenant improvement projects.  F.E. Moran executes projects with dependable planning, sound design, and on-schedule delivery. 

ASA Safety Awards

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