F.E. Moran Attends Project Management Class at MCA

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F.E. Moran MCA project management

The Mechanical Contractors Association (MCA) developed a course for project managers that were entering the field or had no formal training.  F.E. Moran was front row to check out the course series.

The series included material management and site planning, conducting an effective turnover meeting, pre-construction planning, job cost control, project billings and maintaining positive cash flow, understanding and using the contract, managing change orders and project documentation.

F.E. Moran had a team of project managers attend the series.  Project management is an

MCA training course

 important aspect of most companies.  However, there are very few options for formal training.  It's more of a "learn as you go" kind of field.  MCA saw the need for an education that is more structured and thorough, and that is where the Project Management Program comes in.  F.E. Moran had a group of Project Managers attend the four-day course series.

The MCA also has a full certificate program, Essential of Project Management.  It is 72-hours of classroom instruction.  The program is guided by Dr. Russ Rogers of DePaul University; Dr. John Koontz, formerly, of Purdue University and head of the MCAA National Education Institute; and Dr. Blake Wentz of the Milwaukee School of Engineering.  In the end of the 2-year program, you receive a certificate in project management.  Learn more about it here. 

The program includes Fundamentals for Project Managers, Financial Outcomes for Project Managers,  Basic Negotiation Skills, Microsoft Project, Advanced Negotiating Skills for Project Managers, Mechanical Scheduling, Essential Management Skills, and Project Closeout.  Read the description of the courses here.   

In the end of the 4-day intensive program, F.E. Moran Project Managers walked away with a new level of understanding for their field and a more thorough education to guide them through the project management process.

Contributors:   Charlotte Flesher, VP of F.E. Moran & Anyaetta Hoopes, Project Engineer of F.E. Moran 


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