Extreme Heat May Have Caused the Death of Two Construction Workers

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Extreme Heat Caused Construction Worker Deaths

St. Louis, MO -- Two construction workers died on construction sites, and it is believed heat was the reason.

A 55 year old iron worker died at a job site and a 49 year old sheet metal worker died at another site.  The official cause of death has not been released, but both deaths occurred in triple degree heat.

The Executive Secretary-Treasurer for th St. Louis Building and Construction Trade Union said, "The worst thing any union leader can do is have to call a family and say your spouse may not be returning home.  It's definitely a very trying time, but again, we're seeing excessive heat in June that we normally see in the later part of July or August. 

The union is encouraging the job sites to begin work earlier in the day before the heat reaches its peak.  Construction workers should take periodic breaks and stay hydrating to beat the heat.

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