Enjoy F.E. Moran's Top Blog Posts from 2016!

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Enjoy F.E. Moran's Top 5 Blog Posts of 2016

Take a look at our top 5 blog posts from 2016.  From plumbing tips to construction safety, our top blogs will inform and entertain.

1)   Discolored Water:  What Different Colors Can tell You About Your Water Supply

On the occasion my kitchen sink's cold water faucet has yellow water.  This prompted me to my favorite resource, Google!  Here are some common causes of discolored water.

If you have yellow, red, or orange water (like me), you have rust in the water.  The variation in color depends on the oxidation of the rust.  Rust in the water will not cause health issues. 

2)   Home Plumbing - How to Fix a Slow Drain

Having a slow running drain in your house can be an annoying plumbing problem. The water and goop seems to take forever to run out, and a greasy residue is always left in your bath tub or sinks when it finally does drain out.

3)   Malaysian Construction Workers Find Longest Recorded Snake


Malaysia -- A team of construction workers found a Python that is believed to be the world's longest.

In the tourist area of Penang Island, a 26-foot long Python was found hiding under a tree, laying eggs.  The construction crew was conducting a flyover of the building site when they discovered it.  

4)   A 19-Year Old Dies After Construction Trench Collapse

Cypress, TX -- A nineteen year old man was killed on Saturday when a trench collapsed on workers at a construction site.

5)   Revolutionary War Era Ship Found at Hotel Construction Site


While surveying the land, archaeolosists found the remains of a Revolutionary War-era ship.  The ship was buried in the Potomac River.  The ship was entombed in oxygen-depleted mud, preserving it and allowing researchers to better understand how 18th century boats were made.