Deerfield District 109 to Study Air Conditioning

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Deerfield School District 109 could soon study the cost of air conditioning all six of its school buildings, pleasant news to those who have pushed the issue in the past.

Some parents have supported air conditioning the buildings, calling it necessary for the year-round health of students, especially those with problems such as asthma.

"The facilities development committee has discussed bidding out air conditioning for all the schools, but if it's affordable, starting with Shepard, because there already is air conditioning in Caruso," School Trustee Steven Schwartz said during Monday's School Board meeting.

"This doesn't mean anything definite," he added. "We have to see what this is going to cost. And we're also considering asking the community to help with fundraising."

Schwartz added that, as soon as the bids came in, the committee plans to present the information to the board to see if air conditioning is possible.

The news was welcome to some.

"I know how the heat affected one of my kids, Josie Newman, who was on the second floor of Wilmot in fifth grade during those hot, hot days last year," parent Sheryl Green said. "They had to rotate classrooms to be in an air-conditioned area for a while. If they find the money, it would be great for the kids."

And Jodi Shapira, another parent, agreed.

"If the money is there, there are a lot of kids who have compromised health issues in those buildings," Shapira said. "The lack of air conditioning compromises their ability to learn. If the money is there, why wouldn't you put it in?"

Update one year later and F.E. Moran has been awarded the project and is currently installing air conditioners in all of the Deerfield Elementary School district schools.

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