Damage to 100 Year Old Mural Stops Curtis Center Construction

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construction damages century old mural

Washington Square -- The City of Philadelphia shut down a large construction and renovation project in Washington Square.  It was shut down because of a 100 year old mural - called Dream Garden - became damaged during the construction project.

The mural is made of 100,000 pieces of Tiffany glass that attracts admirers from all over.

"It is just spectacular, visually," said Kevin Sullivan of Toronto.

Sullivan and his family visited the city to see the mural.

Last week, a construction mistep caused structural damage to the Curtis Center, which damaged the mural.  It is now covered with special stabilizing material.

"It's a shame.  I guess somebody's going to have a real challenge to try to put that right," said Sullivan.

The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts owns the mural.  David Brigham, president of the PAFA said, "By dropping rather than lowering it, they caused a trauma which reverberated through the building and that energy was transferred down into the mosaic and caused a structural crack to open up," said Brigham.

The mural is made of panels and two of those panels are out of alignment.

The mural was made by Maxfield Parrish, an early 20th century illustrator known for advertising, magazine covers (Saturday Morning Post), calendars, and "many of the great books of his generation."

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