Cute Story of the Day: 4 Year Old Becomes Construction Worker in Training

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Today is "Cute Post of the Day" because let's celebrate the Fourth with happy news.

construction newsWilliamsport -- A four year old was tired of speeding cars driving past his house, which is in a construction zone, and decided to take matters into his own hands. 

One morning, he decided that he was going to be a construction worker and direct traffic.  With no shoes, Batman pajamas, and his father's orange safety vest, he stood outside his home and held up a "SLOW" sign.

One neighbor said, "They are honking at him and stuff.  It's really cute."

The boy, Ace, stood near the street, while his parents sat on the porch and watched.  The traffic is concerning for everyone in the neighborhood.  "Not a lot of people do slow down when they see kids, so, it's like, to see everybody in one day slowing down, it makes me feel good.  I wish they could do it a lot more," said Stevie Delaney, Ace's mom.

"We have kids out here every day, you know, and they cross the street constantly, but the traffic is terrible," said neighbor Terence Cooper.

Eric Jolin, 12, said, "I just keep riding my bike up and down the road and all you see is cars flying right past me."

When the media reached out to the Williamsport Street Department, they were told that no one has ever complained about the traffic.  Otherwise, they would put up a sign.