Council Bills Seek to Make Construction Safer in NYC

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Council Bills Seek to Keep Construction Workers Safe | The Moran Group

New York -- Members of the New York City Council urged the legislation to pass that would penalize contractors who broke the rules after a New York Times article showed the alarming number of construction deaths in NYC.

In New York City, sixteen workers have died in 2015 so far.  Most of the workers were immigrants, working non-union.  An investigation showed that the rise in deaths surpassed the number of new construction in the same period.  It also found that hazard prevention was not used in those deaths.  Often, the urgency to finish projects quickly were forcing workers to "take dangerous shortcuts or [work without] adequate training."  Most deaths were found to be completely avoidable.

The protestors carried 16 wood coffins as bagpipers played Amazing Grace.  The next day, the City Council Committe on Housing and Building held an emergency hearing to fast track several bills and to ask questions of the city's building commissioner.  Additionally drafts of the bills were being introduced as well.

Two of the bills would double the penalties assessed to contractors for working without a permit and for violating a stop-work order.  Another bill would create a task force of mayoral agencies that would assess the safety risks poased to workers, pedestrians, and motorists near construction sites.

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