Construction Workers Reveal Their Strangest Requests

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Construction workers reveal their strangest requests

Reddit is a great source for the strange, weird, and out there news that can send you into an internet wormhole.  Here are the top 5 strange construction requests posted by construction workers on reddit.

1.  A hidden bunker with a passage to a forest

A construction worker (barley_hops_water on Reddit), was asked to build an underground survival bunker.  It had a hidden door off the garage and an underground tunnel that went to a nearby forest.  The oddest part was that the survival bunker didn't have an alternative source of electricity.  What was he to do in the case of a 5th Wave or Walking Dead type situation?

weird construction request 

2.   Hidden Underground Olympic-size swimming pool

A construction worker recently revealed a project he worked on building an underground, hidden, Olympic-size pool.  The hidden area also had a pool table with hydraulics that would come up from the ground.  That's a pretty cool party space!  


3.  A Narnia closet, but did it take you to another world?

A worker was asked to design and build a closet from Narnia for a little girl.  On the outside it looked like a modern closet, but on the inside, a back panel clicked open to reveal a hidden 5x10 foot playroom. 


4.   Principal with a mini-fridge in a hidden room with a false door

A construction worker did summer work at a local school.  One request was by the principal - it was to install a mini-fridge behind a false door in his office closet.  He really didn't want anyone taking his yogurts.

school construction 

5.  Backyard Tunnel Instead of Driveway

A client requested to get a tunnel built that was big enough for him to drive his hummer through.  "We installed a 160-foot tunnel, complete with flourescent paint and black lights," said Jeffrey Knezevich from Amazing Design. 




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