Construction Workers Rescued Drowning Boy

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Construction workers saved boy

Renton, WA -- Three construction workers had a life changing experience when they saw a boy drowning in a nearby pond and went into action.

At a construction site near Lake Washington, three construction workers were having a meeting when they saw a woman jump from a dock in her clothes.  She looked frantic and the men ran to the lake.  

"Chris glanced over to the dock over here a said, 'Something's wrong,' and I immediately bolted," said Sean Sumner.

All three men ran toward the dock.  They discovered a woman trying to rescue a toddler who had fallen into the water.

"As I was running, I was taking my bags, my harness off, my vest, my phone came out, my wallet came out," said Ernesto Vasquez. 

Chris Lucas got to the dock first.  "And I jumped in," said Lucas.  "Somehow I landed on a pillar, on a piling, and was able to get to my feet.  When I could, she came over and I grabbed the little boy and I put him up on the dock."  

Sumner continued, "From then on it was just working together to get this kid to breathe."

The three men are trained in CPR and regularly take updated classes.

"I started to try to expel as much of the water that was in his lungs as much as possible," said Lucas.

Vasquez continued, "[We were] screaming at him, yelling, 'Come on baby, come on, wake up, come on."

Lucas said, "I turned him over.  I didn't feel a pulse again."

This continued until the little boy vomited and began to cry.

The toddler ran away while his mom was getting his baby sister out of her stroller and fell into the lake.

Vasquez said it was a life-changing experience. 

The boy is now fully recovered and the family and community are very grateful.  The three construction workers were awarded by the Red Cross of King County.

"I got to be a part of it.  That was a blessing and I've got two brothers because of it," Sumner concluded. 

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