Construction Workers Jump to Safety From Burning Scissor Lift

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construction workers injured in scissor lift fire

Boise, ID -- Two construction workers jumped to safety when a scissor lift caught fire.

Boise Fire reported that the construction workers were treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns at the scene.  "They were on the lift and it was a long ways for them to be able to make it over to the side of the building to jump off.  Workers on the ground level were able to swing the boom over so it was closer to jump from the lift to the sixth floor," according to the report. 

The fire ignited on a blanket in the basket of the scissor lift.  There's no word on what made the blanket catch on fire.

"...considering how far of a fall that was, luckily people on scene were able to do something very quickly and swing those guys over to safety,"  said Boise Fire Safety Spokesman Jason Lewis.

Jeff Sydell, a construction worker said several people started yelling, "Get me down, get me down."  He added, "They lost control of the functions to move it because it short circuited but some guys on the ground were able to get control of it.  Right as they got control of it they were able to get it to a point where they could get to safety on the building."

Read the full story here. 

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