Construction Worker's Gain New Knowledge on Health & Safety with Special Sensors

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Construction Worker's Gain Knowledge on Health and Safety with Special Sensors

A new company called SmartSite released a new construction-industry software that tracks what employees are exposed to in the field and takes measures to protect them.

In recent years, deaths in the construction industry have risen, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.  In 2014, there were 874 fatalities in the construction industry.  SmartSite has taken notice of this increase and created a hardware and cloud-based software to monitor safety.  Among other issues, cancer, respiratory problems, and dermatitis from skin exposure are some issues that construction workers are exposed to.

SmartSite's sensors monitor noise levels, airborn particulates, and UV rays.  The software allows construction teams to live-monitor and know when workers are safe or at risk.

Currently, construction teams may send researchers to sites that they believe might have safety concerns, but this can be costly.  The SmartSite software doesn't interrupt workflow and doesn't require workers to wear/carry additional gear.

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