Construction Workers Find Rare 19th Century Shipwreck

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Construction Workers Find Rare 19th Century Shipwreck | F.E. Moran

Boston, MA -- Construction workers unearthed a 19th century shipwreck while excavating.

Construction workers found a 50-foot long shipwreck while working on a new building in the seaport area of the city, according to Skanska USA Commercial Development Vice President Charley Leatherbee.

"During normal excavaton operations, our crews discovered something unusual that we believe may be a piece of a boat or a boat hull.  We immediately halted our excavation operations in the area of the site, and alerted the city archeologist and Massachusetts Historical Commission," said Leatherbee.

Boston's archeologist, Joseph Bagley said that the ship was incredibly rare.  "There's only been one other terrestrial shipwreck that's been found in Boston, and that one was only very small," said Bagley.

It is believed that the ship sunk in the late 1800s in what used to be a mud flat that became submerged during high tide, but is now land.

Bagley believes that the ship was full of barrels of lime.  "It looks like the barrels were from Maine, and they were probably being shipped here for the development industry to mix with mortor," said Bagley.  Large quantities of lime, mixed with water can cause a chemical reaction.

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