Construction Worker's Arm Amputated: What could have been done to prevent this?

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Construction Worker's Arm Amputated | Elevator Safety

Chicago, IL -- A Chicago construction worker lost his arm in a construction accident while working on a high-rise.

The man was injured at 4:20pm in an elevator shaft accident.  The 34 year old worker suffered the major injury to his left arm.

The high-rise was being built on Hudson and Chicago.  Rescue teams were called to the scene and reported the victim was in critical condition with an amputation.  He was taken to Northwest Memorial Hospital.

Read the full story here.

Elevator Safety

From 1992-2003 there was an average of 6 passenger deaths per year and 10,200 injuries per year from elevators.

Here are some tips for construction workers to work safer around elevators.

  • Wear personal protective equipment - wear hard hats, protective eyewear, and harnesses when working with elevators
  • Use proper lock out/tag out - most elevator injuries occur when an elevator is broken and it is not properly identified.  I.E. no lock out/tag out has been completed.  
  • Maintain good housekeeping - keep tripping hazards away from elevator shafts and keep the site clean.
What else would keep construction workers safe while working with elevators? 



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