Construction Worker Took off Hard Hat, Harness, and Falls from 53rd Floor

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Construction Worker Took off Hard Hat, Harness, and Fall 53 Stories | F.E. Moran | Construction Safety

Los Angeles, CA -- An electrician died after removing his hard hat and harness, and then falling from the 53rd floor of an LA highrise.

The man was on his second day on the job and only supposed to be working on the third floor of the unfinished Wilshire Grand Center.  He was assigned to the bottom floors, so he wasn't required to wear a harness.  For unknown reasons, he removed his hard hat and went to the 53rd floor to do some work.  From there, he fell 800 feet onto a car and died.

The Los Angeles Times photographer, Mel Melcon was on assignment at the building and heard the man hit the ground.  "No one thought it was a body.  We heard no screams," Mel said.

The electrician fell and hit a car.  The car had no damage; however, the driver was inside the car at the time.  She was hysterical and waving her arms around, according to witness James Armstrong III.

The woman was taken to the hospital to be examined.

The 73-story high-rise will be the tall high-rise in the west.

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