Construction Worker Killed in Accident

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Construction Worker Killed in Workplace Accident | F.E. Moran

Chattanooga -- On Tuesday morning, emergency crews responded to a call about a construction site accident.

"Eyewitnesses have told us so far that once the accident occurred, co-workers attempted to administer CPR to the victim.  When the firefighters came, they took over.  Unfortunately, the victim didn't make it," said Bruce Garner, Chattanooga Fire Department PIO.

Workers from Montgomery Martin Construction are working to renovate the building.

"The building is under renovation, the elevators are out, and it is a multi-story building.  From what I understand, firefighters will have to carry the victim down 9 flights of stairs," said Garner.

Chattanooga Police investigated the scene.  It took three hours to remove the body.

The cause of the accident has not been released yet.

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