Construction Worker Killed After Fall from Scaffold

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A construction worker died after he failed to wear a harness on a scaffold in Midtown.

The construction worker was working on the facade of a building, using a scaffold.  He fell 80 feet through part of the scaffold that had planks removed.

The people in the high-rises around the construction site saw the entire thing.  Witness Jennifer Harvey said, "Horrifying, and really, something I can't unsee, unfortunately."

His body fell onto a scaffold right above the front entrance awning, 8 stories below.  Harvey continued, "It was a horrifying sight.  The body was just crumpled up on top of the awning up there.  It was really awful.  We actually came down here and asked them to cover the body out of respect, and they said they can't - that it's under investigation, so don't look out the window."

People who were watching the construction were concerned for the workers safety even before the accident.  Another witness, Jackie Blum said, "I was mostly concerned because he was on his own up there.  It didn't seem like there was anybody around getting to save him."

Harvey added, "We do see the workers often out there without harnesses on, so it's always kind of scary when we're watching out the window."

The Midtown hotel renovation has been put on hold while the death investigation takes place.  The Department of Buildings issued a full stop work order and gave them a violation for failure to safeguard persons or property affected by construction operations.