Construction Worker Discover 1,000 Year Old Hideout

Illinois contractorA construction worker in Ireland discovered a 1,000 year old hideout while working at a construction site.

Work was being done to widen roads in County Cork.  During this process, construction workers found a series of underground tunnels that led to a secret hiding spot.

Archeologists from the National Roads Authority (NRA) were called to the scene.  They determined that the hideout and souterrain (official name for the passage) was created 1,000 years ago.  The archeologists noted that the construction site was once home to a Neolithic settlement.

James Eoghan, senior archeologist at the NRA said that the souterrains were used for storing goods or used as a hideout during attacks.  This souterrain is different from others found in Ireland because it required tunneling through solid rock.  The archeologists are now working to preserve this site.