Construction Worker Dies 8 Days after Fall

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construction safetyOcean Springs, MS -- A construction worker who fell from a balcony while rebuilding a famous Ocean Springs home has died.

Gerald Moran, 42, died this morning, 8 days after an accident that caused brain and spinal cord injuries.  He fell into a coma shortly after arriving at the hospital and his health continued to deteriorate.

Moran was working on a famous Ocean Springs home - formerly owned by Chicago mob boss, Al Capone.  The home was called Del Castle-Legate Place while Al Capone used it as his hideout during prohibition.  It was later called the Lee House and Casa Flores.  The home was demolished with plans to become a museum, but a new home was built in its place instead.

Moran worked in construction all his life and had a 7 year old son.  The accident happened when  Moran was pulling a board from the roof, and the board slipped faster than expected, throwing him off balance.  He fell off of his ladder.

It doesn't appear he had any safety equipment.  A hard hat could have saved his life.